Sound Environmental and Socio-Culturally Appropriate Designs for Arctic Infrastructure

AUTC becomes AIDC

The existing Alaska University Transportation Center (AUTC) within the College of Engineering & Mines (CEM), Institute of Northern Engineering (INE) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has been officially renamed the Arctic Infrastructure Development Center (AIDC). The name change and rebranding effort is driven and supported by the AUTC Director, Billy Connor, and AUTC faculty and staff. The changes are an effort to recast the research center to expand its focus beyond transportation to now include all arctic infrastructure (e.g. roads, bridges, airports, rail safety, buildings, utilities etc.) and is a more accurate reflection of the current research work carried out by the center. We believe the name change will also better position the center for future federal, state, and privately funded research opportunities.

AIDC's mission


Sep 10, 2021

Ice Roads Symposium in Planning