Sound Environmental and Socio-Culturally Appropriate Designs for Arctic Infrastructure

Arctic Infrastructure

The Arctic Infrastructure Development Center (AIDC) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who call the Arctic home. Stories abound related to failures of foundations, water distribution and wastewater collection systems, and electrical connections to housing; homes with snow blowing through closed doors and windows; and challenges with roads, trails, and airports. While climate change certainly contributes to these issues, these things can often be prevented and addressed through adequate engineering and proper maintenance and interaction between infrastructure and the thermal regime of the permafrost.

AIDC, under the direction of Billy Connor, AIDC Director, offers a host of tools and expertise aimed at achieving these solutions in Alaska and across the Arctic.

AIDC is specifically working to address these issues through

  • education,
  • adaptation and development of new technologies and
  • the creation of codes and best practices related to the Arctic.

By integrating these three approaches, AIDC is working to develop sustainable infrastructure that meets the needs and desires of all who live and work in the Arctic.

AIDC's mission