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Life-cycle Cost Analysis for AK Bridge Components

Warm Mix Asphalt

Economical Analysis of Using Light-emitting Diode Technology for AK Street Lights

Alaska Marine Highway Analysis Phase Two

Application of Non-traditional Soil Stabilization of Technology: Lab testing of Geofibers and Synthetic Fluid

Updated Precipitation Frequency Analysis for the State of Alaska

Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Flood Frequency Analysis for Transportation Design

Using Shallow Anchors and an Anchored Mesh System for Cut Slope Protection in Ice-rich Soils

Geological Investigations for the Dalton Highway Innovation Project as a Case Study of Ice-rich Syngenetic Permafrost

Load Environment of Washington State Ferry and Alaska Marine Highway Landings

Model of Alaska Transportation Sector to Assess Energy Use and Impacts of Price Shocks and Climate Change Legislation

Field Study to Compare the Performance of Two Designs to Prevent River Bend Erosion in Arctic Environments

Seismic Performance of Bridge Foundations in Liquefiable Soils

Alaska Specification for Palliative Applications on Unpaved Roads and Runways

Alaska Marine Highway Analysis Phase Three

Fairbanks North Star Borough Road Upgrading Process

Evaluating In-Place Inclinometer Strings in Cold Regions

Including Life Cycle Cost Analysis in Alaska Flexible Pavement Design Software

Alaska Hot Mix Asphalt Job Mix Formula Verification

Attenuation of Herbicides in Subarctic Environments (Phase 2)

Alaska Rural Airport Inspection Program

Using Screw Piles in High Seismicity Areas of Cold and Warm Permafrost

A General Review of Mitigation Measures for Slope Stability Problems in Alaska

Preservation of the Alaska Highway (Phase 2)

Bridge Structural Health Monitoring and Deterioration Detection: Synthesis of Knowledge and Technology

Strategies to Improve Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities Professional and Support Staff Recruitment and Retention

Assessing Anchorage Traffic Congestion with Vehicle Tracking Devices and Intelligent Transportation System Technology

Long range Transportation Forecasting