Impact of Freeze-Thaw on Liquefaction Potential and Dynamic Properties of Mabel Creek Silt

AIDC project number: 107041

  • Kenan Hazirbaba
  • J. Leroy Hulsey
  • AUTC
  • Permafrost Technology Foundation
  • Start Date: Aug 19, 2007
  • End Date: Dec 31, 2009

Project Summary

This study examines the influence of temperature rise and freeze-thaw cycles on the soil liquefaction potential. More specifically, dynamic properties and post-cyclic-loading settlement of fine-grained soils are evaluated in this study. The results can be used to predict seismic response of partially frozen, frozen, or thawed fine-grained soils in seismic subarctic regions. In other words, the influence of seasonal climate change on the seismic response of Mabel Creek silt is reported in this study. Systematic laboratory tests were conducted for the purpose of addressing the influence of temperature and cycles of freeze-thaw on liquefaction of Mabel Creek silt.