Application of Non-traditional Soil Stabilization of Technology: Lab testing of Geofibers and Synthetic Fluid

AIDC project number: 207117


Billy Connor

  • US Department of Transportation (RITA)
  • Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
  • Start Date: May 1, 2008
  • End Date: Dec 31, 2012

Project Documents

Final Report

Project Summary

This project, funded by ADOT&PF and AUTC, is investigating a new technique for using geofibers and a synthetic fluid to stabilize very loose sandy and silty soils typical of Western Alaska. Lab testing focused on measuring how well these new materials might improve poor foundation soils. Tests have shown that fibers can double or triple the strength of the soil. While the addition of synthetic fluids adds some strength, their primary function is to reduce moisture sensitivity of the fine-grained material.