Bridge Structural Health Monitoring and Deterioration Detection: Synthesis of Knowledge and Technology

AIDC project number: 309036


Yongtao Dong (UAF)

  • US Department of Transportation (RITA)
  • UAF College of Engineering & Mines
  • UAA
  • Start Date: Nov 1, 2009
  • End Date: Jan 31, 2011

Project Summary

Many U.S. bridges were built during the 1960s. Evaluating the structural condition of these bridges under today's traffic loads and safety expectations is difficult. This project is developing a practical program for structural health monitoring of Alaska's bridges. Researchers are conducting a literature review to summarize the current knowledge available in SHM technology, surveying ADOT&PF staff to determine which technologies are currently in use, and making recommendations on what techniques should be pursued to implement a successful SHM suitable for cold regions.