Characterization of Alaska Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures with a Simple Performance Tester

AIDC project number: 410020


Juanyu (Jenny) Liu (UAF)

  • US Department of Transportation (RITA)
  • Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
  • Start Date: Jul 1, 2010
  • End Date: Nov 15, 2012

Project Summary

The current trend toward developing mechanistic flexible pavement design and the subsequent need for more reliable design procedures require more accurate characterization of hot mix asphalt properties. This study will develop a catalog of dynamic modulus values for HMA mixtures typically used in Alaska. Researchers will investigate the correlations between simple performance test results and HMA lab performance. Results will provide practical information to ADOT&PF regarding how Alaska HMA mixtures respond to the new test procedures, and how use of Alaska HMA mixtures will affect current flexible-pavement design methods.