PacTrans: Improving Performance, Knowledge, and Methods to Provide Quality Service and Products

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Billy Connor



  • Start Date: Jul 1, 2013
  • End Date: Jun 30, 2015

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Project Summary

The “Strategic Plan” of the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) establishes “Excellence” as one of the department’s core values, and defines it as “Personal and department commitment to continually improve individual, team, and organizational knowledge, performance, and methods to provide quality service and products”.  The extent to which this core value is exercised in practice is a function of the interpretation of this definition and inherent commitment, which are reflected in organizational culture. Unfortunately, a unifying organizational “culture of excellence” and the associated prioritized sense of what needs improvement within the DOT&PF has not fully evolved.  Consequently, those that seek to promote “excellence” often face multiple questions and points of resistance, such as: (1) Priorities that conflict with improvement opportunities; (2) Low awareness of technologies, solutions, research, and best practices; (3) Poorly planned, prioritized, and targeted deployment efforts; (4) Lack of resources available for deploying improvements – including funding and training; and (5) Policies, procedures, and/or practices that are inconsistent with promoting excellence, deploying innovation, and continuous improvement.