CESTiCC: Modeling Impacts of Cold Climates on Vehicle Emissions

AIDC project number: 101413


Serena Chung



  • Start Date: May 1, 2014
  • End Date: Apr 30, 2016

Project Documents

Project Final Report

Project Summary

This project relates to the research thrust area of ‘environmental impact assessment,' specifically the impact of cold climates on vehicle exhaust emissions.  Motor vehicles emit pollutants that are harmful to human. Emissions are thought to be elevated during engine cold starts.  During winter, low-lying temperature inversion can trap vehicle emissions near the surface, leading to significantly elevated pollutant concentrations.  Despite the importance, vehicle emissions data for cold climates are sparse and the accuracy of vehicle emissions model parameterizations for cold climates is not known.  The goal of this project is to improve ability of EPA's Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) model to simulate cold start emissions in cold climates.