CESTiCC: Recent Advances in Sustainable Winter Road Operations - A Book Proposal

AIDC project number: 101405


Xianming Shi & Laura Fay


CESTiCC, WSU & Clear Roads

  • Start Date: Sep 1, 2014
  • End Date: Dec 30, 2016

Project Documents

Project Final Report

Project Summary

Investing in winter transportation operations is essential and beneficial to the public and the economy. It is desirable to use the most recent advances in the application of materials, practices, equipment and other technologies. Such best practices are expected to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of winter operations, to optimize material usage, and to reduce associated annual spending and corrosion and environmental impacts. There are no professional societies or scientific journals or textbooks dedicated solely to sustainable winter road operations and the key information is scattered across a variety of disciplines. As more states are exploring the impacts of roadway deicers, including voluntary and regulatory controls to reduce their impacts, a project is timely to consolidate best practices and recent advances in sustainable winter road operations into a comprehensive book and help reduce the cost and environmental footprint associated with winter road operations. The objective of this project is to develop a book to summarize the recent advances in sustainable winter road operations. The project will engage the subject experts and stakeholders familiar with the multiple aspects and components of winter road operations and to collect much of the information in North America, Europe, and Asia on the state of the practice. This would provide a good foundation for developing the book chapters, each of which will be delivered by the identified subject experts and reviewed by the editors.