CESTiCC: Environmentally Friendly Pervious Concrete for Treating Deicer-Laden Stormwater (Phase II)

AIDC project number: 1628


Xianming Shi



  • Start Date: Sep 1, 2016
  • End Date: Aug 30, 2017

Project Documents

Project Final Report

Project Summary

Using fly ash in pervious concrete to treat deicer-laden stormwater is another added environmental benefit, which entitles it to be more environmentally friendly. In Phase I, much of the results suggested the potential of GO-modified fly ash pervious concrete in pavement applications. There are still some areas that need to be studied and evaluated in Phase II, e.g., performance improvement, advanced characterization of fly ash hydration products, and effectiveness in stormwater treatment. The primary objectives of Phase II project are to: (1) evaluate the environmental benefits of GO-modified fly ash pervious concrete; (2) improve the durability performance of GO- modified fly ash pervious concrete at early-ages; (3) use advanced analytical tools to fully characterize the GO-modified fly ash binder; (4) extend the Phase I technology to biomass ash utilization