PacTrans: Low-Cost Remote Weather Information System Phase I and Phase 2

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Billy Connor


Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium

  • Start Date: Jan 1, 2016
  • End Date: Jul 30, 2018

Project Documents

Final Report - RWIS

Project Summary

Remote Weather Information Systems (RWIS) are an important part of deciding maintenance activities and scheduling. However, the cost of RWIS limits the number of systems that can be deployed. Because of the lack of power and the high power budget of commonly used systems, some locations are not suitable for RWIS even though the information would be of great value. This project focuses on the development of a low-cost, low-power RWIS that is suitable for remote locations and allows for a higher density of RWIS. The system produced under this study uses less than 10 watts of power and costs less than $10,000 for the basic system. The system has performed well in Fairbanks, Alaska, over two winters. In addition, the system has been fully integrated into the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities RWIS network.