PacTrans: Measuring Dispersal and Tracking of Anti Icing and Deicing Chemicals using In Situ Hyperspectral Data

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Nathan Belz



  • Start Date: Aug 16, 2017
  • End Date: Aug 15, 2019

Project Documents

Project Final Report

Project Summary

The objectives of this research are fourfold. First create a framework and develop methods for generating an anti-icing and deicing chemical spectral library to be used for in-situ imaging and concentration quantification. This step is critical as it allows for the hyperspectral data to be classified based on key wave length signatures that have been previously identified. Second conduct field imagery acquisition and processing for proof of concept. Third develop and conduct robust sampling strategy to quantify the amount of anti-icing and deicing chemical loss due to imposed processes. Lastly use these findings to inform and improve winter maintenance strategies.