PacTrans: Development of PacTrans Workforce Development Institute

AIDC project number:


UAF Lead: Billy Connor

UAA: LuAnn Piccard

  • Start Date: Jan 1, 0001
  • End Date: Jan 1, 0001

Project Summary

UAF and UAA will develop two to four course modules for, and in consultation with, the State of Alaska Department of Transportation (ADOT&PF), to supplement and expand capabilities in project management related topics for new and existing personnel. These modules will be part of an overall ADOT&PF Organizational Capability Building Program that will roll out a series of training modules aligned with organizational needs over a two-year period. Initial modules will be selected based on priorities established and agreed to with ADOT&PF. The modules may include topics ranging from an overview of current project management best practices, tailored to align with DOT&PF specific project development processes: hands-on application using DOT&PF relevant case studies and examples; and advanced skill building in targeted project management and leadership topics. Course development will be done in close collaboration with ADOT&PF leaders to develop modules that emphasize and are highly relevant for ADOT&PF-specific needs. Course materials will be prepared for consistent, multi-year, repeat delivery for multiple ADOT&PF regions. Modules will be developed to allow for both in-person and distance delivery. One to two modules will be developed for delivery in Fall 2020, with an additional one to two modules for delivery in Spring 2021.