PacTrans: Underserved Population Needs in Smart Mobility Environment – Getting the Message Out

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Billy Connor

  • Start Date: Jan 1, 0001
  • End Date: Jan 1, 0001

Project Summary

PacTrans has structured its research activities, as part of the FAST Act mobility center, around four main themes: 1) mobility innovations to improve accessibility for all transportation users 2) mobility innovations to improve system-wide efficiency; mobility innovations to improve reliability across modes; and cross-cutting theme on Data-Driven Methods in Transportation. To support these themes, PacTrans has funded a total of nine multi-institution collaborative research projects and 44 single institution research projects in a three-year period (2017-2020). The main goal of the Year 4 outreach project is to highlight and communicate the outcome and impact of PacTrans research in these four theme areas to different stakeholders, to influence their opinions, behavior, and policy preferences. This goal becomes more significant when the collective outcome of PacTrans research clearly shows potential positive impact for transportation system efficiency and safety. This goal will be achieved through several outreach products and networking initiatives.