PacTrans: Development of PacTrans Workforce Development Institute – Phase III

AIDC project number:


UW: Yinhai Wang, Wei Sun

OSU:  Shane Brown

UI: Kevin Chang

UAF: Billy Connor

WSU: Ali Hajbabaie



  • Start Date: Aug 16, 2019
  • End Date: Aug 15, 2021

Project Documents

Project Final Report

Project Summary

To further ensure and strengthen the advantages of developed WDI in dealing with Region 10’s specific workforce development needs, the WDI is currently collaborating with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to deliver training services to address WSDOT’s immediate workforce development needs. Specifically, the WSDOT representatives have identified three top priority subjects that need training, i.e., the MUTCD, human factors, and data analysis and tools. The PacTrans WDI team will design, develop, and deliver three short-term training courses in respond to these training needs. Besides onsite training courses, the team will also provide online course offering to WSDOT’s professionals. In addition, the team will develop training service model that aims to collaborate between WDI and WSDOT to provide demand responsive and flexible training services to address the long-term training needs. The team will develop course evaluation procedure with evaluation methods and indicators regarding the course content, effectiveness, and instructors, etc. Based on the course evaluation results, the team will identify areas of improvement of the current course offerings and propose suggestions for future course development and delivery.