Using Geofiber & Synthetic Fluid to Stabilize Marginal Soils

AIDC project number: RR07.03


Kenan Hazirbaba

  • US Department of Transportation (RITA)
  • Peak Civil Technologies
  • Start Date: Aug 3, 2007
  • End Date: Jun 30, 2008

Project Summary

This project explored the use of two soil stabilizers developed by Peak Civil Technologies, an Alaskan company, to improve silty soils. PCT developed a combination of two stabilizers, a plastic fiber to increase soil strength (Geofiber 3627BT) and a synthetic fluid that replaces water in the soil (Severely Hydrotreated Paraffinic Liquid). Early results suggest that the right mix of geofiber, synthetic fluid, and water, combined with some aging can improve soil CBR values by at least 300%.