AIDC Staff

  • AUTC Director Billy G. Connor, PE retired from the Alaska DOT&PF after 30 years of service. He spent twenty years in AKDOT&PF’s research branch as a research engineer, ten of these as the Chief of Research for the department. His work covered a wide range of transportation activities including developing Alaska’s pavement design procedures, pavement management, maintenance and forensic engineering, permafrost, frost heave and thaw weakening research, hydraulic research including fish passage, rip rap design and development of Alaska’s Hydraulic Manual, and numerous other transportation related activities.

    He has chaired two TRB committees and been active in numerous other TRB committees and activities. He has also served on the AASHTO Research Advisory Committee, ASCE Technical Council of Cold Regions Engineering (currently chairing the Frost Action Committee), and numerous other state and national activities. Mr. Connor has also worked as a Construction Project Manager for AKDOT&PF, managing over $30 million per year.